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i psicològic

Telèfon: (+376) 838 900

Baixada del Molí 18, 1r-3a, AD500 Anorra la Vella, AD

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Therapeutic getaway for couples

The therapeutic couples getaway by SOM SALUT is a weekend programme in Andorra, in a beautiful and relaxing countryside. The programme enables couples to identify what problems affect them and work towards a constructive joint solution through recreational activities and under the guidance of a specialist.

(Weekends, COUPLES)

from €500,00

During this couples therapeutic getaway weekend, relationship difficulties are identified in order to improve communication and that each party can hear and be heard. They will discover the necessary tools to improve interpersonal communication through cognitive skills, exchanging positive behaviours and training in conflict resolution.

This programme may include individual and group activities.

Included in this tour

  • Three sessions of 2 hours with a psychologist specialised in couples therapy
  • Inúu Experience (Caldea)
  • Relaxing couples massage of 60 or 90 minutes
  • Mountain activity: hiking or horseback riding



  • Rural or 5-star hotel
  • Breakfast in room
  • Romantic dinner or romantic gourmet dinner
  • Tibetan Bowls (Wellness Experience)


The cost of the basic experience starts at €500.


Not included in this tour

The price of the experience does not include travel expenses to Andorra or accommodation.

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